Our Tracking Trackers

Live location, trip history and tailored alerts - your vehicle under control, at all times.

4G Rechargeable GPS Tracker
Real-Time Tracking
4G LTE GPS Connectivity with Bouygues Telecom
Long-life battery Up to 1 year
An Easy and Quick Installation
4G Wired GPS Tracker
Real-Time Location
4G LTE GPS Connectivity with Bouygues Telecom
Immediate Customizable Alerts
An Easy and Quick Installation

Intuitive Connectivity

Real-time Location

Always be aware of the exact position of your vehicle with our live GPS tracking system, accessible at any time from your smartphone.

Travel Histories

Relive your vehicle’s previous journeys, with details on speed, stops, and the duration of each trip, for a complete analysis of movements.

Customizable Alerts

Set up custom alerts to be immediately informed in case of zone crossing, disconnection, or vibration detection, with push notifications directly on your device.

The safest and easiest solution on the market.

A Tracker

Connectivity options: OBD trackers, Cigarette lighter, wired, or rechargeable autonomous. All 4G for real-time tracking

An Installation

Flexible installation: autonomous or professional installation in our partner garages

A Service

Our app for live tracking, journey history, and customizable alerts

Bouygues 4G LTE Connectivity

Reliable location wherever you are

Bouygues 4G LTE Connectivity

Our partnership with Bouygues Telecom offers you an included 4G LTE connectivity service, guaranteeing a continuous link and precise location of your vehicle.

Our Application

Total control at your fingertips

Our Application

The mobile app, the centerpiece of the Track Offer, is your real-time tracking hub for your vehicle. It allows you to precisely locate, receive instant alerts for every movement, and access the complete history of journeys.

Real-Time Alerts

Be instantly informed of any suspicious movement

Real-Time Alerts

Receive immediate alerts for any movement or abnormal activity, for maximum responsiveness

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet with unmatched precision.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management solution turns complexity into simplicity. Real-time tracking, detailed reports, and smart alerts for optimal efficiency of your vehicle fleet.

Our Services


Discover Our Frequently Asked Questions. If You Still Have Questions, Please Explore Our FAQ or Contact Us..

The installation of our GPS tracker is flexible and tailored to your needs. You have three options:

  1. OBD Installation: Simple and fast, it is done by plugging the tracker into your vehicle’s OBD port.
  2. Cigarette lighter: For an effortless installation, simply connect the tracker to your cigarette lighter socket.
  3. Wired Installation: For the more daring, or via a partner garage, a wired installation is possible for a more discreet and permanent integration. This option is also included in our Track + offer for a turnkey solution.

The 4G GPS tracker connects to your vehicle and transmits information in real time via the 4G network. You can view the exact location of your vehicle at any time through our mobile app.

Our app is compatible with the majority of iOS and Android smartphones. It is optimized to ensure a smooth user experience and intuitive navigation.

Absolutely. You can set up personalized alerts to be informed in real-time of any unexpected movement or entry/exit of predefined geographic areas.

Yes, our application allows you to consult a complete history of trips, giving you a detailed overview of the routes and travel durations of your vehicle.

Certainly, our trackers meet the needs of small businesses by providing effective fleet management tools for vehicle monitoring and security.

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