Our Security Trackers

Proven reliability, assured discretion, long-term robustness - Security and serenity guaranteed with instant alerts

2G Mini Rechargeable GPS Tracker
Real-Time Tracking
2G GPS Connectivity with Bouygues Telecom
Battery lasts up to 14 days in Standard Mode
An easy and fast autonomous installation
4G Rechargeable GPS Tracker
Real-Time Tracking
4G LTE GPS Connectivity with Bouygues Telecom
Long-life battery Up to 1 year
An Easy and Quick Installation
4G Large Battery Rechargeable GPS Tracker
Real-Time Tracking
4G LTE GPS Connectivity with Bouygues Telecom
Long-Life Battery Up to 2 Years
An Easy and Quick Installation

Absolute Protection, Utmost Simplicity

Maximum Discretion and Durability

An undetectable tracker, long-lasting peace of mind. Monitor with complete discretion, without interruption.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Watch over your vehicle 24/7 with advanced technology. Benefit from extended autonomy, minimizing maintenance.

Simplified and Affordable Security

Cutting-edge protection, easy to use and economically accessible.

The safest and easiest solution on the market.

A Tracker

Undetectable 4G LTE or 2G GPS trackers, rechargeable or on internal battery, offering reliable connectivity with Bouygues Telecom.

An Installation

Flexible installation: Self-guided setup by our partner garages for perfect integration with your vehicle.

A Service

Connected security: Dedicated app for optimal control and assistance with recovery after theft.

Bouygues 4G LTE Connectivity

Reliable location wherever you are

Bouygues 4G LTE Connectivity

Our partnership with Bouygues Telecom ensures continuous 4G LTE connectivity for accurate vehicle location.

Our Application

Total control at your fingertips

Our Application

Our mobile app allows you to monitor your vehicle in real-time, receive alerts of suspicious activity, and review the movement history, thus ensuring optimal security.

Dedicated Customer Service

Full support for installation and emergencies

Dedicated Customer Service

The Protect offer includes technical assistance for tracker installation and rapid support in case of theft for an efficient recovery of your vehicle.

Guaranteed Recovery

Effective intervention in case of theft

Guaranteed Recovery

With the Protect offer, in case of theft, we will actively intervene for the recovery of your vehicle, at minimal cost. For added peace of mind, our Protect + offer provides this service at no additional cost.

Our Services


Discover Our Frequently Asked Questions. If You Still Have Questions, Please Explore Our FAQ or Contact Us..

Our Autonomous Trackers Are Undetectable and Function Even in Difficult Environments, Such as Underground. Their Robust Design Ensures Continuous and Discreet Communication, Providing Enhanced Security for Your Vehicle.

Yes, Our Trackers Are Equipped with 4G Technology, Ensuring a Fast and Reliable Connection for Vehicle Monitoring.

Yes, our agents react immediately to ensure the safety of your vehicle as soon as we receive the theft alert.

AirTags Use Bluetooth and Emit a Sound Signal When Tracking an Associated Object, Making Them Easily Detectable and Destroyable by Thieves. Furthermore, They Alert Nearby Apple Devices, Which Is Not Ideal for Discreet Security.

Our Autonomous Trackers Provide an Exceptional Battery Life of Up to 3 to 4 Years, Eliminating the Need for Frequent Maintenance and Ensuring Ongoing Monitoring Without Concern.

The Subscription Provides Access to Our Secure and Reliable Communication Network, Real-Time Tracking Platform Usage, and Continuous Technical Support. This Ensures That Your Tracker Always Functions with the Best Available Technology.

Absolutely, all our subscriptions are non-binding. You are free to cancel at any time.

Our Trackers Utilize Bouygues Telecom’s 4G LTE Technology, Providing Reliable and Broad Coverage for Accurate and Consistent Vehicle Monitoring.

Absolutely, Our Trackers are IP67 Certified, Which Makes Them Water and Dust Resistant, and Capable of Operating in Extreme Weather Conditions.

You Can Easily Access Tracking Data Through Our Intuitive Mobile App, Available for iOS and Android, Allowing You to Monitor Your Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere.

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